Tuesday, August 26, 2014 update. This site is under intense remodeling. I have experienced some complications but it should all be for a good cause. In the last couple of days there has been work in photoshop curve adjustments and, I had a brief holiday break.

Talking Moose Moose

Hi, I'm Dr. Halls.   Thank-you for visiting.   Slightly below is the information and facts, and my opinions. Dr. Halls Dr. Halls The chatting dialog is fluff written by my writing staff, but it can be funny. Moose

Joining us is the Talking Moose, yes, a cartoon, but representing my 3D software development project. The Moose probably knows about carbon, but often can't resist to have a bit of fun.

Brittany Brittany
Hello. What is going on here?

David David
Hello. Anybody home?

Levi Levi
Nobody’s home. Lets trash the place.

Talking Moose Talking Moose
Did you know, that people who talk to themselves are better lovers?

Talking Moose Talking Moose
Yes, I did know that!