Talking Moose
Dr. Halls

Dr. Halls

Hi, I'm Dr. Halls.   I'm happy that you are here.   Further below is the information and facts, plus my opinion. Dr. Halls Dr. Halls The conversational parts are filler written by ghost-writers, but it can be funny. Moose

On this page to meet you, is the Talking Moose, who is more than a cartoon. The Moose is also my 3D software development project. The Moose knows something about carbon, but usually, "mooses just wanna have fun".

When there is a small amount of text, what happens?
Dr. Halls

Dr. Halls
Or small amounts of text on this side?

When there is a big amount of text, what happens? Will it mess up big time, and ben embarassment to the establishment of the parliament in a predicament of abolishment?
Dr. Halls

Dr. Halls
The Triumph of Anthing that rhymes with triumph.

Or large amounts of text on this side?When the rain, beside spain, causes pain in the drain of the crane, so it’s brain went to spain in the rain.

Brittany Brittany
Hello. What is going on here?

David David
Hello. Anybody home?

Levi Levi
Nobody’s home. Lets trash the place.

Talking Moose Talking Moose
Did you know, that people who talk to themselves are better lovers?

Talking Moose Talking Moose
Yes, I did know that!
Hey, I saw a guy today, and I didn’t know how to tell him, that his fly was open. And he didn’t know how to say Thank-you, when I zipped it up for him.

Dr. Halls
Domain Parking

My apologies, truly. The website you wanted, was actually expired and abandoned for quite a while. I’ve recently discovered it, bought it, and intend to develop it into something useful again, but I haven’t had time to complete the work yet. So this domain is being automatically forwarded onto Cutie Paws, (which is also one my domains that is being resurrected from abandonment).

This website was advocacy on the topic of carbon dioxide effects on environment, global warming, climate change. It’s only worthwhile incoming links were on scientific matters, and therefore, the rejuvenation of this website, should of course discuss carbon sequestration, carbon chemistry, green promotion. The carbon tax, carbon credit trading and so on, are things I truly dislike.

Will this website ever be able to pass a useful link to somewhere else? Probably not unless the destination has scientific credentials pertaining to carbon. Perhaps where there is an interest in power plants, power generation, and the tar sands, oil sands region of Alberta. I think I could find a little on that.